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The Fun And Varied Uses Of A Slang Dictionary

If you haven’t heard about a Slang Dictionary, it is probably the time that you check out one online. There are many names for such dictionaries that largely vary from your conventional dictionaries. Often known as an urban dictionary, the main purpose of such a dictionary is to offer you the meaning of words and phrases that are used in daily life or by the young generation but haven’t found a place in popular dictionaries. Have you heard about the word called Mitch? If not, you need to check such an urban dictionary where you will find that it stands for the male version of bitch and was popularised by real husbands of Hollywood.

Slang Dictionary

There are many such words and phrases that you may have heard but failed to find a meaning while checking the dictionary, and that’s the reason probably one designed a slang or urban dictionary. More than educating, the purpose of such dictionary is to increase your urban vocabulary and offer you some elements of fun. The best thing is you can locate such a dictionary online and can be used almost anywhere, right on your laptop or even on your phone.

Next time you hear of Mitch, don’t look around but use the slang dictionary, and you will find association with Real Husbands Of Hollywood. That’s sheer fun, and many of the dictionaries even allow you to add new words, and that means if you have a new word in stock, you can get others to know the same, as well.